Joey Pacilio (1988 – Score #14)

Joey was born on November, 10, 1980 and was an absolute wild man at birth.  The doctor who delivered him couldn’t believe his eyes (nuff said)!  He hit .192 during his rookie year with the Wilmette Rotary club, and .302 for his career.  He also got the “Game-Wining Hit”  in the 1992 All Star game.  He developed into a role-model adult after a “trying” 7 years as a teenager.  Joe was inducted into the Pacilio Family “Hall Of Fame” in 2013.  He resides in Chicago, to this day, with his younger Brother Eli.

Joey Pacilio


5 responses to “Joey Pacilio (1988 – Score #14)

  1. Jimmy! I just wrote a long dissertation regarding what a handsome boy you have there and I bet all the girls are after him! He was quite the athlete I see as you were in high school and college! Thanks so much for sending me this photo and a bit of background on your fine son! All the writing I did initially somehow just vanished from this computer screen as it is giving me many issues-sorry! PG 11/10/14


  2. Wow nice rookie card. Too bad it’s not autographed! 😆 – Eli


    • Jimmy! Thanks for sending me the baseball card of your son, Joey! I see he played for an EXCELLENT team, the same as I was on, the ROTARY! I am sure you are proud of Joey and Eli as it is a real “wonder” to have kids lland watch them grow up! (Remember I lost my son to alcohol a few years ago, and miss him terribly every day.) It is a precious thing to watch and share a life with one child of your own! No words for it! Appreciate them now as much as poss as the older I get, the FASTER time goes by! I only have vision in one eye now and my normal life has been narrowed to mainly viewing TV now. The memories I have could not be bought as they are so special to me and YOU played a big part of my life as MY best friend, mainly for your love of humor! God Bless your family! Pete Goddard. Obama’s speech was wonderful, removing a huge weight from 5 million parents of kids allowed into this Country! Now they can come out of the “shadows” OBama said and be counted as working their way toward belonging to America. Afterall the USA ALWAYS has been the melting pot of all countries. I love this OBama but do not know anyone else who likes him. I just believe OBama is always trying to help all Americans move toward a better life and a safer one. THIS DATE WILL ONE DAY GO DOWN IN HISTORY!


  3. Pacilio is my favorite baseball player of all time!

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  4. Jimmy & Ferne! How can you NOT love a kid like you have like Joey? He has a huge heart, and looks like a handsome guy, and probably has a bunch of females chasing after him all the time. If he is smart, he will wait to age 37 or 38 to get married. He looks so handsome in his baseball card picture! I am sure you love Joe AND Eli equally as much as time goes by so fast and we will not be here forever! Try telling THAT to a kid today and they will not understand what it means. Just gotta love ’em now while we are still here on this planet, and hopefully for a long time yet. I am sure you are very proud of both boys and would not change a thing about them! I wish I had my son, but he could not stop drinking booze, and I put him in 2 rehabs and tried everything and let him live with me for 2 yrs but it still was not enough! Addiction is a terrible thing. God Bless you all and hope you all have the best year yet in 2015! Pete Goddard. 12/29/14. Thank you for this!


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