Roberto Clemente (1955 – Topps #164)

Roberto Clemente was more than just a Puerto Rican Major League baseball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates – he was a Humanitarian.  He really cared about the inequities of life.  That is why he, rich and successful himself, was killed in an airplane crash, bringing food and supplies to Nicaragua immediately after an earthquake there.  During his playing days for Pittsburgh (1955-1972) he was a 12-time All-Star and 4-time National League batting champ.  He also was the league’s 1966 MVP.  Besides the individual awards, I remember Clemente as being a 5-tool player (hit for average, power, had good speed, throwing and defense). He could do it all.  He got his 3,000th hit in his last regular season at bat (a double). Roberto Clemente was inducted into baseball’s “Hall Of Fame” in 1973, in a special election due to his untimely passing.

clemente 1955 Topps #164


One response to “Roberto Clemente (1955 – Topps #164)

  1. Roberto Clemente was one of the very BEST MLB players of all time! He was killed in a plane crash while on his way to help people in need and was a HUGE loss to baseball. I cannot think of ANY player that could throw a ball from deep in the outfield as hard and accurately as Clemente could as he tossed out many players trying to score on a ball hit deep to the outfield with an arm like no other player ever had even until today! He was loved by everyone. pg 11/6/14


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