Mickey Mantle (1956 – Topps #135)

Mickey Charles Mantle (The Commerce Comet) was the ultimate baseball switch hitter. He batted .298, playing center-field for 18 years, all with the New York Yankees. The 1956 Triple Crown and 3 time MVP, Mickey Mantle was inducted into baseball’s “Hall Of Fame” in 1974. But the thing I remember most about Mantle were the long home runs from either side of the plate. It didn’t seem to matter to Mickey. He hit one estimated to have traveled 643 feet left-handed and one estimated to have gone 565 feet right-handed. Thus the term ‘tape-measure home run’ was brought into baseball vernacular. In 1961 he finished second to Roger Maris’s 61 home runs (Still a steroid-free record – although both leagues now play a longer schedule) with 54 homers. He led the American League on 4 occasions, but never challenged that particular record again. Mickey was chosen as an All-Star 16 times. He also played in 12 World Series, the Yankees winning 7 of them, and Mantle set World Series records for Home Runs (18) and RBI’s, (40) among many others, that still stand to this day. Mickey Mantle was,truly, a star. He was elected to the All-Century team in 1999.

Mickey Mantle 1956 Topps #135


One response to “Mickey Mantle (1956 – Topps #135)

  1. Thanks for sending me the Mickey Mantle card! THOSE were the best days and I never realized it til now! Mantle ran to 1st base when batting left handed in a hair over 3 seconds so he was sure fast! This baseball card must be worth a fortune! Thanks so much! Neat collection! PG 11/1/14


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