Pete Rose (1982 – Topps #781)

Pete Rose – either you think he should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame or you don’t! I, personally, think he should – immediately.
The all-time hits leader, the 1963 Rookie of the Year, the NL’s 1973 Most Valuable Player (MVP) doesn’t belong? Come on!
‘The Hall’ should be for the very best a sport has to offer. Pete Rose was truly one of the best baseball had to offer, and to vote him in posthumously is a cowards way out. To use the tired “He bet on baseball while he was an active manager” is no excuse. He never bet on that which he could control (the Reds). Pete Rose should be voted in while he is still able to enjoy it – NOW.
Pete Rose 1982 Topps #781

One response to “Pete Rose (1982 – Topps #781)

  1. Darn right he should be in the HALL! He NEVER placed a wager on a Reds game EVER so what does that have to do with it? I say PUT HIM IN THE HALL WHILE HE IS STILL LIVING! That is the main problem with the Hall-they wait too long and the guy is dead when put IN and he cannot experience the thrill he deserves! This card is priceless! Great site here! PG


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