Vic Raschi (1953 – Bowman #27)

My baseball Coach at Geneseo State (N.Y.) was Victor John Angelo “Vic” Raschi, who was not only a great pitcher for fhe New York Yankees (1946-1954 – World Series Champions in 1947 and 1949 thru 1953, where he teamed with Allie Reynolds and Eddie Lopat to form the ‘Big 3’ of the Yankees), St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Athletics (1954-1955), but one hell of a man, with one hell of a curve ball. In the year I played for Coach Raschi, he was the only person that ‘buckled my knees’ with his curve ball. I was a ‘High School Hotshot’, fresh from playing 4 years of Varsity ball at a prestigious New York High School, when I met Coach Raschi. Though duly impressed with his past acheivements, I thought I was his equal until I saw him on the mound! He still had it even at age 40. His curveball started out behind me and finished right over the heart of the plate. That was the one and only time I was scared of being hit by a pitch! Though I took Coach Raschi “downtown” after that (during practice – he had lost some ‘heat’ on his fastball by then), that curve ball is what I remember to this day.

Vic Raschi 1953 Bowman Color #27


One response to “Vic Raschi (1953 – Bowman #27)

  1. Amazing experience you had! I remember all those NYYankee names and they were as famous as any! PGoddard, Age 73. Thanks for the GREAT memories!


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